Work with Robin to access your unique strengths, so you can harness the power to reach your full potential. 

About Robin Mahadeva

For over 20 years, Robin has been on a mission to help thousands of people learn and grow in a positive, creative environment where their unique strengths can emerge and thrive. 

As a leader, she has the experience to elevate talented individuals into inspiring leaders. As a facilitator, she has the expertise to create learning experiences that will motivate and empower employees into high performing teams. 

As a coach, she has the unique ability to tap into the hidden strengths of individual contributor to C-Suite level executives so they can survive, thrive and inspire in their careers and lives. As a graphic facilitator, she transforms words into metaphors that help people assimilate information in a creative, meaningful way. 

Robin’s 3 keys to success and happiness: 

  1. Know what you are really good at and achieve mastery in it 

  2. Combine this with what makes you happy - so happy you would do it for free 

  3. Be relentless in incorporating both into your work and life every day.

# Unleash your inner leader

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