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Leaders are known for their strengths. At Red Wing Consulting,we believe it is ok for leaders to have flaws and weaknesses. Our focus on strengths, self-awareness and connections is what makes great leaders.

65% of leaders are visual. At Red Wing Consulting, our unique approach takes visual learning to the next level, using a variety of digital and interactive techniques to maximize collaboration, creativity and adoption. 

No generic solutions or pricey retreats. Our tailored approach to leadership development will positively impact your bottom line, with a competitive pricing solution unlike any in the industry. We partner every solution with individualized coaching to help leaders maximize strengths and perform at their best. Our customized programs are designed to build confident, capable and courageous leaders, both at work and in life.

It takes leaders to find leaders. We are committed to harnessing and developing your organizations leadership talent, so your culture and business can thrive.

# Unleash your inner leader

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